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Welcome to EnviroRentals!

Who we are
EnviroRentals is your preferred choice for rentals of indoor environment quality monitoring instruments. As a member of the Gasonic Group, our focus is to create healthier and more sustainable buildings for all our clients.

What we do
EnviroRentals provides a large inventory of monitoring equipment for rent. We stock only the highest quality equipment and pride ourselves in servicing and calibrating our devices regularly to keep them accurate and reliable.

EnviroRentals specializes in monitoring equipment for the indoor environment. Ask about about monitors for air flow, air sampling, hazardous gas, noise, magnetic field, pariticulates, pipe and cable locators, radioactivity, respiratory fit testing, and volatile organic compounds.

Business Address:
Bay #8
823 41 Avenue N.E.
Calgary, Alberta

Toll-Free: 1-800-668-7368
Calgary Telephone: (403) 276-2201
Fax: (403) 276-2668

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