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GAST High Flow Pump - Product # 1130SKC

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The GAST High Volume Air Sampling Pump allows for operation at much higher flowrates than achievable with “personal”-type pumps. A large volume of air can therefore be sampled in a relatively short time period. Requires AC power source.

  • User-adjustable flowrates from 1-20 LPM
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Compact

  • High-volume sampling of asbestos or other airborne fibres
  • Other high volume sampling


Flowrate Range : 1-20 litres/minute
Power :
110-115V AC
Weight :
4.5 kg (10 lb.)
Dimensions : 2
6 cm x 17 cm x 9.5 cm (10” x 17” x 4”)
Standard Accessories (included):
  • calibration rotameter
  • tripod
  • tubing
Optional Accessories:
  • cassette holder
  • sampling media
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