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TSI DUSTTRAK 11 Particulate Monitor - Product # 1651

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Range : 0.001 to 400 mg/m3
Resolution : ±0.1% of reading
Particle Size Range : 0.1 to 10 μm
Operational Temperature : 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
Data logging : 60,000 data points, 45 days at 1 minute intervals
Log interval : 1 second to 1 hour
Size : 13.5 cm x 21.6 cm x 22.4 cm (5.3" x 8.5" 8.8")
Weight : 4.5 Kg
The DustTrak II Aerosol Monitor 8530 is a desktop battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometer that gives you real-time aerosol mass readings. It is suitable for clean office settings as well as harsh industrial workplaces, construction and environmental sites. The DustTrak II Aerosol Monitor measures aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes, and mists.
  • Measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, Respirable, PM10 or size fractions.
  • Perform in-line gravimetric analysis for custom reference calibrations.
  • Manual and programmable data logging functions.
  • Aerosol concentration range 0.001 to 400 mg/m3

  • Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations

Standard Accessories (included):

  • Zero filter
  • USB download cable
  • Impactor kit
  • TrakPro data analysis software
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