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CHICAGO STEEL Magna-Trak 100 Magnetic Locator - Product # 8010

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The Chicago Steel Tape Magnetic Locator pinpoints metal objects lost or under concrete or soil. The locator reduces time spent looking for lost marker stakes, valve boxes, manhole covers and large metal tanks. The Chicago Steel Tape Magnetic Locator is a peak response locator which gives an increasing audio signal as objects are approached.

  • Light-weight
  • Large LCD
  • Audio response
  • Locating metal objects
Depth range : 4 meters ( 15.0’ )
Audio output : Internal audible alarm
Battery : 6 x AA alkaline
Battery life : 100 hr intermittent operation
Size : 102 cm long ( 40.0”)
Weight : 1.34 kg ( 3.0 lbs.)
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